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Fall Pet Door Installations | Winter Dog Door
Fall Pet Door Installations | Winter Dog Door

Fall Pet Door Installations | Winter Dog Door

When the weather starts turning cold one of the most cost effective solutions in conserving energy is replacing an existing dog door leading directly outdoors with an energy efficient pet door. Imagine having all dual paned glass windows in your home, and then in one location having just a single paned window. That one location in your home will counteract the insulation from the dual paned windows throughout your home letting cold air in and warm air out. This type of scenario is similar to having a utility pet door and could mean drastic increases in your energy bill. Utility rated pet doors do not offer the same quality of construction, material used and insulating value as high performance pet doors.. Over time a utility pet door will need parts replaced, especially the flap. With the energy loss and having to replace parts over time the utility pet door will end up costing more then purchasing an energy efficient pet door starting off. The most energy efficient pet door on the market is called the Security Boss MaxSeal pet door that is available in both wall and door mounts:

The great insulation value provided in the MaxSeal pet doors comes from the exceptional quality of material used, and top tier production provided through intense quality control inspections. Having an energy efficient pet door for large breed dogs becomes even more important during the winter. Installing a utility rated pet door for a giant breed creates an extremely large opening for heat to escape. Security Boss MaxSeal pet doors offer the largest sizes available in pet doors on the market. The MaxSeal "Behemoth" is 15 3/4" wide by 32" high, accommodating the largest dog breeds from Irish Wolf Hounds to St. Bernards. If you are replacing an existing dog door with an energy efficient dog door and do not want to extend the rough cut out or frame it in Security Boss Manufacturing can also custom make a wall or door mounted pet door to fit any dimension you need! The Security Boss MaxSeal flaps are impact tested in conditions of -40 degrees Fahrenheit making it the most resilient innovative flap on the market!

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