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Electronic Pet Doors have changed significantly is the last few years. Customers now have the choice between magnetic, electro-magnetic, sonic frequency and RFID. Each type of door has it's benefits and characteristics We have attempted to portray as many of these characteristics for each product.

Important Note:
You may need an electronic door for a certain purpose, ie., to let the dog out but keep the cat in, deter neighborhood feral cats, keep out obnoxious pests like raccoons, and still others would like more of a security designed door. Each door we carry we go in to great detail of it's characteristics. It is important to know what you may expect from the product and what controlling action it will perform.

General Electronic Door Info
Would you like more details about how electronically operated doors?
We have put together some information about the various ways pet doors lock.
Raccoon proof electronic pet doors

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Petsafe PASSport Pet Door Petsafe PASSport

4 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door
Our Price: $219.00 - $239.00

Solo Automatic Pet Door for Dogs & Cats Solo Automatic Pet Doors

5 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door
Our Price: $395.00 - $1195.00

Petsafe Electronic Smart Dog Door Petsafe Electronic Smart Dog Door

4 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door
Our Price: $109.99 - $284.98

Animate Electronic Electro-Magnetic Pet Door Animate Electronic

3 Star Rated Pet DoorElectronic Pet Door
Our Price: $65.00 - $45.00

Important Question for Customers Seeking an Electronic Door:

Customers initially looking into purchasing a pet door often are under the persuasion that electronic doors are better than manual doors. The fact is that electronic doors regulate the movement of your pet only.....they do not insulate, they do not seal better and you run the risk of the door malfunctioning at some point in time.

Your best pet door designs are found in the dual vinyl flap models
that insulate and seal many times better than electronic models.

About Microchip Pet Doors:

There are now Microchip activated cat and small dog doors that will work with nearly all implanted chips that are used for identification. You will notice that with these models the manufacturer has designed the door to also work with a collar tag in the event the implanted chip is not in a favorable location for activation. Collar tags are also popular to accompany a visiting pet so they can also use your pet door.

Customers will also notice that Microchip pet doors are only made for cats and very small dogs. The main reason for this is found in understanding how RFID works. With RFID technology, you need an antenna that is longer than expected. This is typically wrapped around the frame or tunnel of the pet door. The activation with RFID is usually within a short distance...typically a matter of inches. As a result, you do not see doors for use with larger dogs as they stand and would be farther away from the pet door as compared to a small pet.

Interesting Facts About Electronic Pet Doors

Myth:Electronic pet doors provide the best seal and protection from the weather.
Truth: Dual flexible flap pet doors provide a far superior barrier to temperatures and weather. All electronic versions are made with plastic doors and are not insulated.

Myth:Electronic doors keep out criminals
Truth:Doors are only designed to regulate the access of pets and some are designed to keep out other animals. Optimal security is found in pet door models that have heavy duty security panels that lock off the pet openings. If anyone represents a door as providing security from criminal activity, they are incorrect...period.

Myth: It is always best to have an electronic pet door over manual doors.
Truth:Most dog owners do not use electronic doors, unless they are keeping a cat inside the house etc. The large majority of pet owners go with manual doors that seal, insulate, and last far longer than electronic doors.

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