Pet Doors Installed in Storm Doors

Most Commonly Used Pet Doors for Thinner Applications

Pet Door installed into a storm door Installing a pet door in a storm door is just as easy as installing a door mount model pet door in a regular door. The main consideration is the thickness of the door. You will want to measure the thickness of your storm door and choose a pet door with a corresponding adjustment range. Storm doors basically come in two different types. The very thin metal-bottomed type and the thicker insulated versions. Some storm doors might have a panel design on the lower portion as well. You can install a pet door in panel-design doors, but may want to caulk or shim around the frame of the pet door for weather sealing.

Many customers ask us for storm doors with the pet door already installed. Moore Pet Supplies does not carry these doors because what seems like a rather simple solution is really more involved. Making sure you order a storm door that will fit well in your opening can be tricky, it is much better for you as the homeowner to acquire a storm door of your choosing. We can help you select the appropriate door for your situation. If you do not feel comfortable installing the pet door yourself, then a handyman can be very cost effective.

Special Note: Be aware that ordering storm doors with pet doors already installed from online retailers often are expensive to return if they do not fit and most always have a hefty restocking charge.

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Storm Door Pet Door Storm Door Pet Door

5 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $134.00 - $384.00

Petsafe Freedom Pet Door Petsafe Freedom

3 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $49.99 - $139.99

Ideal Deluxe Pet Door Ideal Deluxe

3 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $57.30 - $110.00

Ideal Original Pet Door for Doors Ideal Original Pet Door

2 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $37.00 - $86.50

Petsafe Plastic Pet Door Petsafe Plastic

2 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $29.99 - $99.99

Petsafe Original Pet Door Petsafe (Staywell) Original

2 Star Rated Pet Door
Our Price: $16.99 - $59.99