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4-Sided Acrylic
Exterior Kennel Dog Doors

Security Boss Manufacturing LLC

The 4-Sided by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC are used in a variety of situations. Most commonly they are found in Kennel, Animal Control and Government Kennel Facilities. They are also used by residential customers who might need to replace an exterior frame of a current pet door. Because these are custom made, residential customers have the ability to up-grade an under-performing dog door. Kennel type facilities can order these units based on existing penetration openings to correct energy loss or to a certain size based on building or architect specifications.

Features of the SB Acrylic 4-Sided Kennel Door The 4-Sided Acrylic Exterior Kennel Doors are generally installed on the exterior side of the wall, with guillotine doors installed on the interior side of the wall. The 4-Sided Acrylic Frame and the Kennel Clad Insulated Guillotine Door when used together will provide the best insulation and energy efficiency.

Note: These custom doors are non-refundable or returnable as they are built to your specific rough cut requirements.

The 4-Sided Acrylic Exterior Kennel Door is a premium product that features a 3/16 inch thick clear acrylic swing door that uses a stainless steel heavy duty hinge for free motion in both directions. Powerful alnico magnets are positioned on each side of the acrylic door to maintain positive closure. These doors have the strongest frames in the industry with a tough powder coated finish for long life. The acrylic design is for customers who want a tough, chew resistant swing pet door that will last. All components are replaceable if needed, including the acrylic doors.

To calculate pricing

Measure width x height of penetration

width x height = square inches

Find range in Chart Below

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Security Boss
4-Sided Acrylic Exterior Kennel Dog Doors

Made in USA

4-Sided Acrylic Exterior Kennel Dog Door

Square Inch

Range 108-143

Range 143-215

Range 215-287

Range 287-359

Range 359-431
Range 431-503

Call & ask to speak with our Commercial Sales dept. at 1-800-829-7876

Security Boss Kennel Door return policy: 4-Sided Acrylic Exterior Kennel Doors are custom made to fit the customers rough cut dimension requirements, therefore they are non-refundable or returnable.