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Moore Pet Supplies Article Library - Posted 06-11-2011

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Wind Proof Pet Doors | All MaxSeal Models

A pet door that blows in under winder conditions is more than just an irritant. It doesn't matter if you live in southern California, Kansas or Maine... that hole in the wall with a pet door is blowing in! Security Boss Manufacturing who has built a reputation for high quality pet doors for commercial and residential applications has answered this resounding frustration amongst pet owners. The MaxSeal already known for being the best sealing and insulating pet door, now has the option for Extreme High Wind Magnets. These optional magnets are so strong that direct force of a leaf blower will not budge the flaps. We also put it to the 'Candle Test'..without a flicker.

Other pet doors have tried similar 'tests', however, you will notice that they don not show you the direct force of the blower test. We brazenly test it point blank. These Extreme High Wind Magnets are so strong that we only used 3 for our test! In case you are wondering...yes a dog may take a couple of times to get used to the stronger resistance of the flap, but we have never had a customer call us to say that their dog couldn't use the door ..and more importantly, flaps DO NOT BLOW IN.

As mentioned, we only recommend using 3 of the Extreme magnets on the larger MaxSeal models, 2 on the smaller units. We also recommend applying them to the exterior flap only. For dual flap MaxSeals, there is no need to use Extreme magnets on both interior and exterior flaps. Cats and very small dogs may encounter some issues, so slowly introducing them is recommended.

Recommended Use :
Extreme High Wind Magnets can be used with any MaxSeal model (Wall and Door models) as well as the 3-Sided and 4-Sided Exterior Kennel Doors. Customers who experience high winds, straight line winds due to terrain or extreme weather conditions (Coastal residences) will find that these optional magnets WILL maintain a positively closed pet door.

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