Energy Efficient Dog Doors
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Energy Efficient Dog Doors

Energy Savings Customers are more and more conscientious of energy savings when selecting a pet or dog door.  The newer models that are available on the market allow for a choice in achieving energy efficiency.  What would seem to be an easier spectrum to choose from with the newer addition of dog door models to the marketplace, has conversely become a little more cloudy and less obvious.

Unfortunately,  energy efficiency and the actual performance of energy savings can be two very different derivatives.  Some dog doors on the market currently boast of their energy efficiency, and seem to substantiate these claims by merely associating themselves with the popular Energy Star label.  This has been done by merely mentioning that a particular product is "used" or installed by an Energy Star Partner.  The presentation of this information is careful chosen to pay great attention to allusion. 

Customers should be wary of these claims and read carefully the information presented.  You will find that much of the claimed information is derived from their product being in proximity to an authoritative source.  Just as there is no such thing as a 'Fire Rated' pet or dog door, there is no possibility that a pet door can pass the regimented testing that a product goes through to earn the "Energy Star" rating. 

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