Petsafe Ultimate | Johnson Pet Door Replacement Flap
Petsafe Ultimate | Johnson Pet Door Replacement Flap

PetSafe Ultimate | Johnson Pet Door Replacement Flap

PetSafe Ultimate | Johnson Pet Doors
The PetSafe Ultimate and Johnson Pet Doors have been discontinued and are no longer available. Replacement parts for both of these model pet doors are non existent per the manufacturer PetSafe directly. Recently there has been some confusion regarding alternative replacement flap options for these PetSafe Ultimate and Johnson Pet Door 2 piece flaps. Some online retailers have been marketing the Pride Pet Door 2 piece replacement flaps as alternatives for the Johnson pet doors. This is incorrect and will result in not only a return, but lost shipping costs both ways to return the product as well.

The majority of pet door replacement flaps are designed to fit only the designated frame for the flap. Each pet door frame will be slightly different in the way the flap attached (slides in from side or screws into the top), the dimensions, and the location of the magnet placements. A replacement flap may correlate with another brands replacement flap dimensions, but will mount differently to the frame and will also have different magnet placements that would prevent the flap from sealing correctly. If you do have either a PetSafe Ultimate or Johnson Pet Door fortunately there are options available listed for you below.

MaxSeal Custom Made Pet Doors - Doors / Walls Custom MaxSeal Pet Door:
The custom MaxSeal pet door would be the most convenient and energy efficient option available in replacing these discontinued pet door models. The MaxSeal pet door is by far the most energy efficient and secure pet door on the market. This MaxSeal pet door features UV treated and weatherized flaps that will not shrink, crack, discolor or warp in any type of climate. The frame is constructed of heavy duty aluminum with stainless steel corner reinforcements for added frame strength. The insulated security panel is composite measuring 1/2" thick overall, and is able to expand and contract in hot and cold climates.

This MaxSeal pet door can be custom made to fit existing rough cuts through both doors and walls. Simply remove the discontinued Johnson or PetSafe frame and take a width and height measurement of the rough cut opening. The cost is calculated based off the square inch range w x h of the rough cut opening. The custom made MaxSeal pet door will sleeve right into the current opening without having to alter the rough cut opening dimension. Contact expert Moore Pet Supplies representatives 7 days a week for assistance.

Stock Pet Door:
The existing rough cut opening for the discontinued PetSafe and Johnson 2 piece framed pet doors can be altered to accommodate a new stock doors rough cut dimensions. Remove the PetSafe or Johnson Pet Door frame to obtain the rough cut width and height dimensions. There may be stock pet door rough cut dimensions that closely match the existing PetSafe or Johnson rough cut dimensions. If the rough cut dimensions are slightly off you can either extend the rough cut out, or frame the opening in to accommodate the new stock pet door rough cut dimensions. Altering the existing rough cut to accommodate the new stock pet doors rough cut can become time consuming depending on the nature of the installation, and may be more cost effective to purchase a custom made MaxSeal.

Contacting Moore Pet Supplies directly to go over your scenario and available options is the best plan of action starting out. Moore Pet Supply representatives are trained intensely on solutions for existing rough cut openings. We can offer solutions customers generally would not consider. These expert representatives are available 7 days a week at 1-800-829-7876 to assist you from the very start of the project to the end!

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