Types of Pet Gate Installation
Types of Pet Gate Installation

Pet Gate Install Types

In today's consumer pet market there are a variety of gates that offer different features and install types. Depending upon your situation, the area you're trying to block off and your pet, selecting a pet gate might be a little more complicated than you think. Here we will go over the different types of pet gates you can purchase and what the advantages to all of them are.

Pressure Mounted

This type of gate is usually the most popular among all of the gates because it offers flexibility and stability. Pretty much all pressure mounted gates have a swing-gate for someone to walk through. Most come in a variety of sizes and most come with extensions you can attach to the gate to increase the size of it. Universally the cut off span of almost any pressure mounted gate is somewhere around 82". There really isn't anything on the market that will span longer than that. The reason for this is because with a pressure mounted gate, the more extensions you add the more unstable the gate will become. The main advantage to these gates is that they're not a permanent install. You simply mount the gate in the door-way or walk-way you're trying to block off with the pressure knobs/cups on either size. The main disadvantage of these gates is that they're not designed to fit unusual openings. You usually need a flat surface on either side of the gate for it to be in place and stable.

Hardware Mounted

This type of gate works in the same principle as the pressure mounted gates except its hardware mounted. Meaning it's a more permanent install and usually requires putting hardware or screws into your wall or surface you're mounting the gate up against. Hardware mounted gates almost always will be able to fit a larger span than a pressure mount simply because they offer more stability the bigger you get in the gate span. Most hardware mounted gates have a swing door portion for someone to step through. Some hardware gates will let you slide or retract the whole gate itself to one side to where you won't have a step-over bar towards the bottom of the gate. This is nice for things like wheelchairs or assistant carts to provide easy access for everyone in the area. Also they're very stable and usually would be recommended if you have pets that tend to try to bypass a flimsy gate. The main advantage to these gates is that you get much more of a variety in sizes and how big you can make it. The main disadvantage of these gates is that it usually requires you screwing or drilling into the surface you're mounting it on.


This type of gate is unique because of the fact you can use it to fit a bigger variety of openings that are unusual in shape. Also some of the free standing gates allow you to convert them into pens as well. They're pretty convenient in the fact that there's no installation or hardware. You just set the gate up and block off the area you want. Most free-standing gates typically don't cover large spans, but there are some free-standing

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