Collapsible Dog Crate | Care-Eze Pet Carrier | Product Review
Collapsible Dog Crate | Care-Eze Pet Carrier | Product Review

Care-Eze Pet Carrier | Product Review

Collapsible Dog Crate | Zoologik

[photo] Zoologic Pet Crate If you're looking for a carrier that can be easily compressed and stored to travel, the Zoologik Care-Eze Pet Carrier is a great option for this. The unique design of the carrier allows it to it to be compressed from a dimension from 20"L x 14"W x 14"H into a smaller footprint of a suitcase that would be 4 " thick.

The unit does meet standard airline details, but it's recommended you call your airline to get specific details on what airline specifications that needs to be followed. This pet crate - pet carrier is water and rust resistant and can also be easily cleaned if need be. The folding features and lightweight construction make this carrier easy to store and carry, but make it still durable. The locking system featured on this carrier's door is easy to operate and also the door features a dual-hinge. The unit is water and rust resistant which makes the Care-Eze Pet Carrier easily cleaned in the time of unwanted accidents.

Have you ever forgotten your pet's collar? A nice feature on this unit is the strap system can be converted into a short or long collar for use with you pet. Also the straps can be converted into carrier the crated in the folded position as a back-pack or overt the shoulder. Side handles are also featured on the unit to carry it without any straps. This unit is a great choice for customer's looking for a mobile carrier that requires no assembly whatsoever. This unit is designed is geared more towards small pets and only comes in one size.

This unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

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