Dog Crate Training Benefits | Informational
Dog Crate Training Benefits | Informational

Dog Crate Training Benefits

Proper Use of a Dog Kennel Crate

[photo] Dog Crate While we love our pets they are usually a lot of work. With things such as cleaning up after their messes, feeding them or letting them outside even at night. You need to be diligent in training. A dog crate is a useful tool. It's important to be able to contain your dog under certain situations for his or her safety as well as the safety of other dogs when need be. Dogs should only be expected to stay inside a crate for 2-3 hours at a time. This is because they become restless and destructive. A good alternative to this is to have a play pen. Play pens offer more space for more toys and activities, and while it gives more freedom for the dog it also let's you leave them by themselves for longer periods of time if you can't be there.

Crate training is important as well in case you ever need to travel with your pet or in case of an emergency. If they're already trained and comfortable to go into the crate it's that much less of a hassle when it comes time for them to actually use it. Eventually if you're diligent enough your dog will actually look forward to the crate or the play pen if you get a routine down, because now they know it's time for bed, it's time to wind down and go to sleep.

Crates should never be used as punishment. If they are a dog will tend to fear it and not use it when you actually need them too. This is contradicting to the actual use of the crate. The crate should be pleasant and associated with that. Small steps are key in this training process. Introduce them to the crate. Feed your dog meals in the crate. Eventually lengthen crating periods. Crate your dog when you leave. Crate your dog at night. All of these steps will help your dog look forward to the crate and they'll expect you to put them in it. In the end it's all about making your pet, you and your home safe for everyone.

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