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Dog Door Security | Editorial

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Dog Door Security One of the first things customers think about when getting a pet door is the overall security of their home. There are several things you can do when purchasing a pet door or even thereafter to help with the overall security of your home when a pet door is installed.

When a pet door is bought, the main part of the door that deters animals or people is the slide-in security panel. Most pet doors come with a basic panel that is made from thin plastic. These panels are simply designed to control animal access. These panels are often kicked in. Some doors don't have panels at all, but instead the rigid flap will feature some type of locking mechanism to allow it to be locked. Other doors come with metal panels similar to the plastic ones, These are easily dented or kicked in as well. Your best pet is to get a pet door that has a fairly strong security panel. Very few of these exist on the market. One door however does feature this described panel. The door is called the MaxSeal made by Security Boss Manufacturing. This panel will give you the ultimate strength you need for a secure home. The MaxSeal and SB72 door by Security Boss are the only models we recommend that will provide for the level of security required to keep intruders out of your home.

Electronic doors are often in the same class as a regular dog door in most instances. The electronic door will control pet access, but the panels that close in place are usually easily broken by a person if they wanted to come into your home. Some doors do come with alarm features to go off if something is tampered with on the door, but these doors generally are ineffective deterring people and better off used in controlling pet access strictly.

One simple thing you can do when installing a pet door is to install motion detection lights. Simply having the pet door area lit up in light if something is moving will deter someone from coming in. It's going to take some type of get into your home through a dog door. Even a generous sized door. Usually they're going to have to make some sort of noise to do this. Simply installing motion detection lights high off the ground putting them in the spotlight will usually keep someone from wanting to come inside if they cannot conceal themselves.

Also something that isn't thought of a lot is that your dog is a deterrent as well. If you have a large do, if you're the burglar do you really want to stick your head through a pet door to meet the dog on the other size? If you have a small breed dog, usually dogs will bark and alert the owner or neighbors which are another deterrent. Thieves want to be quiet; it's hard to do this with a pet door installed.

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