Perfect Pet vs Ideal Pet Products | Marketing Ploy or Customer Benefit
Perfect Pet vs Ideal Pet Products | Marketing Ploy or Customer Benefit

Perfect Pet vs Ideal Pet Products

Marketing Ploy or Customer Benefit | More Product Confusion at What Cost

The pet door brands Perfect Pet Door and Ideal Pet Products are the same products, just labeled and priced differently. The brand Perfect Pet Door is manufactured by the company Ideal Pet Products. There are a number of reasons why a company would want to market the same product under two different brand names. Some reasons companies advertise their products under different names is to gain a larger share of the market in general. Sometimes marketing the same product under 2 different brand names allows the company to cover a much broader range of product offerings than what they really have available. The company also may be entering into a new market segment and brand failure could possibly dismantle the core brand name reputation. Some companies also like to branch brand names to tap affluent market segments. Ideal Pet Products when compared to Perfect Pet appear to be identical, but the Perfect Pet brand typically is higher priced then the Ideal Pet Products and would be a good example of this marketing strategy. It's not a matter of corporate subterfuge, but a matter of gaining larger exposure in an opportunistic market segment.

With the number of marketing schemes and branding opportunities on the market finding compatible replacement parts can become a chore. Some companies will have the same style of replacement parts available with minimal difference besides the names, but you must choose the correct model and style for your parent product to work. Ideal Pet Products make this task as simple as possible providing all of the same replacement parts for both the Ideal Pet Products and Perfect Pet Products brand pet doors. Replacement flaps, security panels, magnetic bars, etc will all be compatible with the Ideal Pet and Perfect Pet brands.

We have included a quick comparison so you can see the corresponding product names along with any differences:

Perfect Pet Doors = Ideal Original Pet Doors
Deluxe Pet Doors = Ideal Deluxe Pet Doors
All Weather Pet Door = Ideal Ruff Weather Pet Doors (Sometimes part of "Energy Saver Series"
Protector Series = Ideal Protector Series
Mutli-Flex Pet Doors = Ideal UltraFlex Doors
Insulator Pet Doors = Ideal Insulator Pet Doors
The remaining Perfect Pet products are identical in name to Ideal Pet Products

Mr. Ken Bourne, National Sales Manager for Ideal Pet Products shared the idea behind the Perfect Pet Products. He mentioned that because there were so many distribution channels offering the Ideal Pet Products lines, they thought that by offering the same items under a different name that new retailers would be attracted and be able to offer the items at a higher cost to the consumer. We found it interesting that the packaging of these items has renamed the same being labeled Ideal Pet products. This must make consumers all the more confused when their higher costing item arrives in different packaging that the what they were first attracted to.

The replacement parts for these two lines of products are identical. There may be a slight tint to the flap of one model to the next, but current promotional marketing material does not distinguish these characteristics. Going forward it is important for customers to know that they can buy the corresponding Ideal Pet Product replacement flap or part much cheaper and it is identical to a Perfect Pet part.

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