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Pet Furniture with a Twist of Zen and a Whisper of Fen Shui


We carry only high quality pet furniture products. There are many that do not hold up to the expectations of customer. The products we have listed here are hand picked from various manufacturers and made with attention to detail. All of our pet furniture pieces must be made with the highest construction standards to be considered true "pet furniture." The following products represent this high level of craftsmanship and caliber of quality and detail. We are confident you will be very pleased with any of these items.

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Modern/Designer Pet Furniture Basic Information

Pet furniture is becoming more and more common these days because many pet owners consider their pet as a part of the family. So naturally we want to provide comfort and sometimes style to our family member, to welllet them know they are a family member. There are all sorts of different types of pet furniture (for dogs and cats) that can be incorporated into your existing living space to will either take up virtually no room at all or very little room.

Furniture for the Feline:

The most popular type of furniture most owners purchase for their cats would undoubtedly be the cat tree. There is a huge selection of different styles and designs that can accommodate any cat owner whatsoever. We want to give our cat a natural environment and providing window seal perches, cat trees or just simply a scratching post will lead them to follow their natural instructs and be healthy.

Furniture for the K-9:

We love dogs and dogs love play. And after play dogs love rest and sleep. What better ways to show them love than to get them a nice comfy bed? Some dogs even prefer kennel/crate-type enclosures because a dog's natural instincts are to have a den (similar to a wolf) which makes them feel safe and comfortable. Crates and kennels are being made today as furniture pieces as well. You can even get some of them made to be end tables in finished woods or metals. Dog beds are being made in the shapes of regular couch or seated furniture to help blend in with your home decor.


Pet furniture is usually extremely high quality and is crafted to detail. Two main points of pet furniture is its usability and design or look. The furniture piece is made to make the pet feel comfortable and have a better quality of life, but also it's to be pleasing to your eye and not stick up like a sore thumb. These points are taken into consideration when these types of products are made.


There is a high variety of items out there to meet any pet owner's needs. Each design is unique to its own and usually it incorporates a furniture-type aspect of it into the design. The great variety of items and designs will let your pet feel at home while letting your home still look like a home!