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MaxSeal Pet Door Hinged Replacement Flaps

Flaps For Door / Wall Model - Single and Dual Flap Versions

The MaxSeal Hinged Replacement Flaps will fit BOTH the door mount models and the wall mount models. The interior and the exterior flaps are unique because the steel strike plates are staggered in their placement on the flap. The MaxSeal Hinged Flap design transfers the pinching stress flaps have when too large an animal is the using the door or if the door is not installed to the recommended height.

Who Uses Hinged Flaps?

Hinged Flaps are designed for customers who may experience premature wear and tearing of standard MaxSeal flaps due to a larger dog addition to the family.

Customers with pet door installed too low to the ground and dog subsequently pinches flaps during use.

Customers wanting a more industrial designed flap for more frequent use.

Note: The MaxSeal Hinged Flaps do not offer the same level of weather barrier protection as the Standard MaxSeal Flaps due to the hinge design.

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