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Moore Pet Supplies Customer Feedback and Product Reviews

Satisfied MaxSeal Dog Door Customer
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of your product. I purchased the MaxSeal for walls w/ two doors. I looked all over the internet and at local stores and purchased your product. I was a little hesitant w/ cutting into my wall but after watching your extremely helpful videos I decided to do it. The door went in without any problems and looks great. I love that it is made of powder coated steel and not plastic since this is a product that is going to be there for many years. The quality of the doors and magnets are exceptional. I was very impressed with the insulating factor of the doors. They make a very good seal, I am unable to feel any air leakage around the doors. I guess this just goes to show that you really get what you pay for, if you go cheap you get cheap stuff, if you pay a little more you get quality. I will definitely recommend your products to friends.
Dan, South Jordan UT

Needed a flapper for my dog door, but had no idea what brand I had. Moore Pet was great to work with...sent me the correct flap first time, and it got here in 2 days! Thanks.
J.K. Springfield, IL

I had a PetSafe Ultimate door for years, but recently went to replace the flap and found out that PetSafe had left it's customers out to dry, no longer offering to support the product. of course there is no replacement model that I can swap out. I spoke with Bryan at Moore Pet Supplies and was extremely pleased to make contact with someone who was not only helpful, but polite and courteous. Exemplary customer service just isn't found these days, but Moore Pet has some outstanding people. Anyways, I was introduced to a custom product through Security Boss Pet Doors. Please believe me when I say there is simply no comparison to anything I had in the past. This custom MaxSeal does such a good job, I cannot even tell there is a pet door in home. Biscuits to PetSafe for abandoning us dog owners, and thank you to Moore Pet Supplies. I will be sure to refer my friends.
M.J. Appleton, WI

Great service, very helpful advice, it was fantastic to speak with someone who knows so much about dog doors! The MaxSeal wall model I purchased for my black Labradors is by far the best pet door I have ever owned. Thanks again for quality service and a superb product.
D.L. Butte, MT

I just wanted let you guys know that I am extremely pleased with my Security Boss Dog door. I ordered it from Moore Pet Doors, and was hoping that I made the right decision. After having it installed for almost 3 months now, I can safely say that it is the best Pet door I have ever purchased. Thanks for manufacturing a quality door, and it is made in the USA. Huge PLUS. I will tell everyone about your quality Dog Doors.
J.K. League City, TX

I just want to thank you guys for the research and information you provide about this door. We got this door a year ago (after comparing all the different products on your site), and while I was hesitant at the cost initially, it has proven COMPLETELY worthwhile.
We have three dogs who love going in and out, and this door not only removes us from having to cater to them, but it also provides insulation and security. In addition, it holds up much better than anything else we've used in the past.
Having this door - and using your company - has been a wonderful experience for us!!!
Thank you,
Karen Z. & the three dogs

Bella Luna is an Australian Labradoodle and weighs around 35 pounds. She is very happy with the freedom that the doggie door allows her and we, too, are very pleased with the freedom the doggie door allows us. We are also very please we don't have any extra heat or cold that comes through the doggie door. The MaxSeal Door is very well made. We would definitely recommend this product.
Thank you,
Bella, Luna, and her companions, Sharon and Cub B.
Sonoma, Ca

So far so good on my very expensive Solo 2014 Automatic Door. I had it professionally installed so I would know that it was done right. I have always found it a much better idea to pay someone to do it right the first time. The ordering process was great. the tracking process was OK. The door arrived within a week and was installed in a day. My two dogs have learned very quickly how to use the door. The Solo door was the largest auto door on the market and was exactly what my eldest boxer needed. He has 3 bad legs so raising them through an opening was out of the question. My installer lowered the door to almost level with the floor and then built a ramp on the exterior to the bottom of the door. This product seems to be worth the investment. How does the saying go
"Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time." It allows my dogs in and out to a contained and clean portion of my yard and keeps other animals out.
B.T., West Columbia SC

Just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on an outstanding product. I bought the MaxSeal wall model, dual flap and it is unbelievable. I looked at all the local stores and saw all the plastic stuff and the smallness of them and was still skeptical even after I ordered this one. I was pretty amazed when I took it out of the box and even more when I got it in the wall, which was one of the easiest home building projects I have ever done.
Took my Black and Tan about two minutes to be flying in and out of the door and all in all, it is remarkable. Nice going. It cost a lot, but it is worth a lot too. No sense owning an expensive house and putting a wall full of junk in it. This is an outstanding product and I am very pleased. Thanks a lot.
R.W. Olathe KS

I am sitting here two business days after placing my order and my new pet door is already installed and I can't be more impressed! I was hesitant to spend the money, but it is so worth it to have such a quality product fit so perfectly and arrive so quickly! I found your online store by doing some searches on the web and your products were the most reasonably priced. I am so glad I bought from you and not have to rely on the big stores that I was more familiar with (they didn't have the size I needed anyway!). Best of luck to you all and thanks for the great service!
M.A. Palm Springs CA

I hope someone will give Mark a pat on the back, or a big hug, for being so helpful and generous with his time with me today, and the day before yesterday. I started off by placing an order through your returned stock, (dog door) and then looked over the rest of your website. When I found the same item in a better color for just a little more, I tried to change my order on line, but with no luck. (I'm sure there was an easy way, but I am right in the middle of chemotherapy for brain cancer, and sometimes, ok most of the time, get confused and frustrated by multiple-step processes) Mark was so sweet and pleasant, and reconstructed my order very efficiently. Then, I guess the stock room called him to say that the door we had so meticulously re-ordered was no longer available! Mark did the research, called me back, and went over other options with me. When I couldn't find the tape measure, he said, "Take your time! Call me back when you take the measurements. I don't want you to receive a door that doesn't work for you or your dog. If I'm busy, have me paged. I'd like to make sure this is right for you." Mark had no idea I was a "special case". I could tell he was just doing his job. I did call him back and have him paged. He called me right back and we got it all worked out perfectly. What a great employee! I think I'll peruse your website just so I can place another order! His friendly attitude started my day with a smile. Please pass this along to him.

P.C. Larkspur, CO

Just a quick note to say thank you. After a year with a competing product, a rather "hightech" device that relies on a collar based batter powered "water resistant" circuit board to operate the door, I've given up. The sensors failed when the dogs got wet and cost double what yours do.
After no resolution to our problem, I finally found your Solo door and ordered and installed it. The results are great. Our dogs are using the door, and the simple magnet based collar is the best solution. Added to than, your door is quieter and built better for in wall construction.
R.F. Dallas TX

We have used our Solo door for about 9 months now and absolutely love it! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats who use the door regularly and it works perfectly every time. This past winter was the worst we've had in decades (Iowa's winters are COLD!) but the door never stopped working and kept out the cold. The freedom and peace of mind, not to mention the energy savings, this door provides, makes it worth far more than it costs. Thank you!!!
G. M. Iowa

Please tell Brian in Customer Service Department that I really appreciated his kindness and professionalism on the telephone. He made this day special for me, as I had been previously scowled at by an unpleasant person at the grocery store. I won't be shopping there anymore.
But we will keep shopping with you, thanks to people in your company who have always been so nice like Brian was today.
Thank you and thanks to Brian.
L.T. Lakeland FL

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the Solo Pet Door has been in operation in my new home for a couple of years and we couldn't be happier with it! Although the neighbor dog has learned to piggy back with my critters on occasion, the door is exactly what was needed for pet access and security. We live in Wild Wonderful West Virginia and are out in the boonies. The door allows my critters the freedom they need while we're at work all day.
I was suckered into the other "out of this world" door that didn't work from day 1 and it took the BBB to get my money back. Your product has been totally reliable and I feel very confident in its ability as advertised.
I'm only sorry I didn't find your Solo pet door first but you've totally made up for my mistake. I will continue to recommend your product to all my animal loving friends.
THANK YOU and keep up the good work!
S.W. West Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that your Customer Service representatives (who answered the phone and answered all of my questions quickly and knowledgeably) are GREAT!! I enjoyed doing business with your company, and I look forward to my product arriving, as I know I'll have your Customer Service team to help me if I have any problems. Thank you!
M.C. Texas City TX

My husband and I ordered a Hefty Pet Sash Window for our 3 small terriers. It was the best purchase ever. Now I don't have to get up and let them out at various times into our backyard. We also can take it with us when we move and the new owners of our home will not have to worry if they don't have pets.
Thank you so much for such a great product.
R.M. Charlotte NC

I ordered Cat Mate Elite cat door because a feral cat was coming in my home, eating my cat's food, spraying all over the place and as a result, my cat was terrorized in his own home. I was at my wit's end. After purchasing this product and installing it, I can't tell you the peace I have now knowing that my cat is the only one who can come and go in my home and I don't have to worry anymore about this cat destroying my home and scaring my cat. I thought my cat would have a hard time adapting to a new cat door but within a few days, he got it and I used to "training mode" with that and then put his ID tag on his collar and at first, he was a little bit afraid of the sound it makes when it unlocks but is totally unfazed by it now. Thank you for a wonderful product. I researched alot of cat doors and this one is awesome!
J.D. Rockford IL

The Perfect Infrared Patio Insert is just what we needed for our dog. He now has the freedom to go out when he wants, when he wants. He is a timid dog so he did not like the noise or pushing on the door once we installed the items. We trained for a month following information we found online. Now the noise of the door closing and unlocking does not bother him at all. He has figured out that the door must click in order for him to open the door. Two other good things about this door is, it keeps our cats inside and because the door is noisy we know when the dog goes out in the middle of the night (in case we want to check on him).
We had to insulate the patio insert with more weatherstripping but it fits well, after some adjustment.
Thank you for great customer service and providing these great products.
G.L. Glendale AZ

More Expensive but worth it!
It is well designed and well built. I had it installed in 1 hour or less. Insulated glass, magnetic doggy door, a good seal, and strong construction make this a winner. And when I move, I can take it with me without destroying the patio door.
Thank you Moorepet and Pet 1!
J.R. Springfield MO

I bought the dual flap MaxSeal door for my cats. I had been disgusted with other doors that boast of being superior insulating. Kudos for this one as advertised, and then some. I was really impressed with the quality of the door when I received it. It is built like a tank, and with attention to the stylish aspects too. When I installed the door 2 of my cats took to it right away. But my little guy had some issues. Could be psychological, but I still give him a benefit of a doubt. On the advice of the Moore Pet staff, I removed the interior that he only had to get used to a single flap. Well, problem after a couple of days I put the second flap back on (Very easy), and little Frankie went through like a trooper. Great after sale service, your company and the products are a Class Act.
S.L. Seattle Washington

I wanted to let you know we purchased the Solo Automatic dog door almost last summer and it has proven to be the absolute best dog door we have ever purchased. In our last home we purchased the dog door that used the infrared technology and although we liked the dog door with 3 dogs it got quite expensive replacing batteries for their collars. This door is so quite and thanks to the magnetic technology, there are no batteries to replace. Thank you for a passing along a great product! We would recommend this to anyone looking at purchasing a door in the future.
Sincerely, S.D
Hello Moorepet,
just installed the new doggie door at home and it's great! Your customer service salesman was great and the shipping was fast. All's well in Poodleland. Thanks
P.B. Ridgecrest CA

I just wanted to compliment you on your website. It is good looking, easy to navigate and understand.
But most of all, I live alone and must do everything myself so I REALLY appreciated your "How To Measure" section. In this case it was for a pet door panel for a sliding door. If it were not for your easy to understand section on measuring, I would have surely ordered it all wrong.
C.N. Sarasota FL

Dear Moore Pet,
The Solo Automatic Door is absolutely the best pet door ever. I have 4 dogs and this has given my sanity back to not have to let them in and out all day long. I'm ordering another one for my parents. Thank you!
A.L. Opelika, AL

Dear MoorePet,
OMG...You have given me my live back. With 2 active Huskies I was going in circles with letting the boys in and out, out and in. I live in New York and the dual flap MaxSeal Dog Door is incredibly air tight! It has freed me to conduct my daily life without the constant interruptions and worrisome thoughts. After having 4 children and 5 grandchildren, I feel as if the "Boys" have gone from infancy to school age. overnight. They are so proud of their independence and no longer are so jumpy and needy.
Thank you for a terrific product.
R.M. New York

This door has freed me, I was constantly getting up to let one of the 2 dogs in or out or in the summer leaving the door open and allowing fly's in. My work hours vary and i was having to get someone to stop by and let the dogs out when running a few hours late or hoping I'd be home in time. The dogs were comfortable with the new door within a few days of installation. What took time was getting them to adjust to the sound of the door opening and closing. It spooked the bigger dog. They also needed time realize they didn't need me to open the door. They would get me to walk into the room with them and then exit the door. I'd purchased and extra tag in case of loss and for visiting dogs. When my sister visited we put the tag on her dog, Breeze. Breeze just followed the other dogs and was in and out on her own within minutes.
Love the Door and am glad I purchased it.
Liz C, From Belmont, MI

MY MaxSeal Pet Door:
I am so relaxed as they go in and go out. I just love it...
You see what they really want to be doing without you guessing all the time about it. They leave you alone except for wanting to eat or snack. Its like your toddlers grew up all of the sudden. It frees your mind of all the animal distractions. If they took it away from me I would pay twice as much to get it back again.
I Learned that Simon is more domesticated. He likes people and the comforts of home. So he goes out does his stuff and unless Loki is out there and they want to run and play (which is about once a day) he just as soon come back into the house and lay around. Loki is much more Wolf oriented. He slips into his inherited genes very quickly. Its like automatic...even if he is hungry he would rather crawl under the back deck dirt den that he has dug out and taken over. Maybe Simon would like to go in, I can't tell because Loki never allows him in. Loki is out of the house most of the time. When they smell cooking around their dinner time they come in and brush their cold fur against my legs. The fur is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. I can feel it when I pet them.
They also are much more calmer and not jumpy and neurotic like they used to be. Because of the mis-communication when they are always trying to control their environment. Sometimes hitting and sometimes missing. Either I do or don't understand, either I can or cannot be bothered and shoo them away...or maybe no one is home to respond to their needs. This way they have control over most of their environment. Even Charles noticed the difference in their demeanor. Not so dependent and needy and jumping all over the place when he would come home and give them some attention.
RJ, Bay Shore NY

I just wanted to let you know that I just received the correct order today. Thank you very much for correcting the problem in a very timely manor and making it almost effortless on my part. I will definitely will order from Moore Pet again and will recommend you to friends and family. My wife had her concerns that we would not get what we had ordered, thinking that it was some kind of scam. Now she's ready to place an order again.
Thanks again,
Jacob G from Manor, TX

Thank you so much for your help, I have decided to go with 2 SOLO doors and will go to your website and order them. I am impressed and appreciative of all the help I have gotten from your company. I have asked many questions over the past week or so and have always gotten a quick and informative response. I am looking forward to doing business with Moore Pet Supplies.
Gerri M from Cedar Rapids, IA

I've been a General Contractor for over 32 years, so I know quality materials when I see them. The MaxSeal is it! I installed this dog door for a client and I was so impressed with the materials and the appearance, that I bought one for myself.
Rich, Edenton NC

Thank you so much for addressing this matter, I sincerely hope that this effort on your part resolves the problem at hand. I have forwarded your company name and contact numbers to my colleagues, for your customer service is admirable. Again, I really hope that in the near future this problem is put to rest. I remain hopeful, and having you as an advocate is comforting. I remain.
Frances K from Sag Harbor, NY

This MaxSeal Pet Door is unbelievable, I was concerned about the cold in the winter but I don't feel a draft and I have this door installed in a main room. We had 50mph winds the other night and I felt nothing. We have 3 boxers of different sizes, tall, fat, short and they all go the thru the XL grand door with no problem. We had a little trouble at first with the double flap as they were use to a single flap panel door, but now all they do is go in and out. Best thing I did was to purchase and install this door. I would highly recommend this door.
Patti Lawrenceville NJ

I would recommend that you buy the MaxSeal Door. I wish I had known about it years before!!!! No Drafts like my old cheap plastic one. It took my little dogs a couple of days to learn how to use it since it seals so well, but they soon got the hang of it. Thank you for the great product and wonderful customer service.
Peggy Oklahoma

THE MAXSEAL DOORS ARE FANTASTIC !! I have to admit, at first I thought the price was a bit steep, but I live in an area where there is a brutal wind all winter long and I needed a door that would seal and stop the draft. Well, I finally decided to go ahead and order one dual flap wall mount door and put it to the test in one of my kennel runs. After installing the door, which was incredibly easy, I was shocked how well it worked !! The flaps seemed so light and the dogs blew through it like it wasn't even there, but despite how light weight the flaps appear to be, THIS DOOR SEALS!!! This door works so well, that the price is no longer an issue. I plan to order three more to replace the doors in the remainder of my kennel runs.
Kimberly K. East Greenville PA

I just wanted to thank you for the Solo Pet Door. My husband thought that I was crazy for wanting a electric dog door opener for that much money. He is so happy now, he thinks it was a well investment. He can't believe how often the dogs use this door. I have 2 German Sheppard's, a red bone hound dog, and a Chihuahua they all love it including the little one. Its nice not having to get up and open the doors in the middle of the night. I have told all of my neighbors and they are going to look in on them and from you guys. I got the door in May of 2007 and its holding its own as much as the dogs go out it. Again thank you so much. If I ever move I'll be ordering another one for the new house.
Randi Brewer, Stockton CA

We are so glad that you carry a patio insert this tall. We were looking online forever until we found this. We have very tall patio doors and we couldn't find anything anywhere until we found our website. Thanks again!
Charles P. Phoenix AZ

My Norwegian Elkhound is claustrophobic and I was afraid he would not use the Solo pet door. He learned how to use this door in one day and loves it. He is in and out of the garage all day - loving the control and freedom. The door works great, closes softly, and opens when he comes within a foot. Cost a little bit more - but worth every penny.
Christine Dattilo, Sudbury MA

we have just installed the MaxSeal doggie door that i purchased from your company, and I would just like to say that it is a fantastic door, I cannot believe how easy it was to install. My husband can't get over how well it seals, even when the wind is blowing like crazy. I guess that just proves you get what you pay for. Thank you for making such a well thought out and sturdy built product. My dogs love going in and out of their new door.
Norm & Jill, Washington

Received the Pet 1 Patio Pet Door that I ordered in one day. It is amazing and worth every penny. My son installed it with no problems. I love the dual panes. security features, fit inside the patio door track, weatherstripping and ability to adjust the rise for an old dog. Also, I am using the Charley bar in the center of the standing door for security instead of the bottom track. It provides outstanding security in this manner. Thank you so much.
S.M., Grand Marais MN

I just purchased the MaxSeal and it looks wonderful installed in my kitchen! We have gone through dumpy dog doors for the last 15 years and now the search is finally over. The flaps and frame are a much higher quality material than any other door we've owned and the door is very durable, yet classy looking in our new home. Also, since we live in Fargo, insulation is top priority and this door does the job. I don't feel a difference in room temperature when I walk by the dog door. I highly recommend the Max Seal dog doors!!!
Alice, Fargo ND

I have very active dogs who constantly go in and out of the house. Because of this I always had to replace the flaps on my old dog door and most often that meant I had to disassemble the entire dog door from my door just to replace the flaps. I'm very happy with the MaxSeal because I haven't had to replace the flaps yet and if I ever do I won't have to take the whole dog door apart...very easy! High quality!
Clark, Baltimore MD

My Hitech Pet Electronic door worked for a short time but the motor burned out. Phoned several times and finally a person answered the phone. I requested parts and was told the they only sell new units, never parts. Her tone was rude and abusive, I asked to speak to an supervisor, the phone went dead, she hung up and I was never able to get through again. I should have bought the Solo pet door from the beginning, trying to save a few dollars was not worth the problems.
L. Castagna, Tuscon AZ

Luke is getting up there and has some mobility issues. This sized dog door works well due to its width and height. Luke does not have to struggle and I don't have to worry about him hurting himself. Thanks Moore Pet for helping me out select the correct size. (Side Note: The MaxSeal is even better in quality than I thought it would be). Will be getting a dual flap unit next month.
Jason, Phoenix AZ

Even though these doors are not the insulated model they still seal out the weather very well...better than the other kennel doors we used to have. the weather seal at the bottom is nice too. It lessens the impact of the door hitting the ground. The last doors we had all began to crack over time because of the way they would slam into the ground when our employees closed the doors. thanks for a high quality product. I'm so happy we found you online!
Rachel, PA

I have an underground containment fence installed in my yard, and I was concerned that the Magnetic tag for the Solo door would interfere with the electronic tag for the underground fence. Boy, was I wrong. My Sammy is soo happy that he can come and go as he pleases with his new automatic door, and I have the comfort of know that he is safe in the backyard-inside his fence of course!! This door is perfect for us. Thank you Moore Pet for the recommendation!!
Debra, Buloxi MS

I live in Washington, and the weather can be quite severe during the winter. The MaxSeal door was one of the wisest choice I've made for energy efficiency in my home. My boys (Buck and Dodger) are very independent, and love the outdoors. The door gets used at least 15-20 times a day, and so signs of wearing down! I have had this door for nearly a year, and am very pleased with the superior quality. I will recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you Moore Pet, for offering such a superior product.
William J., Battle Ground WA

We purchased this pet door for our cat...he is spoiled, stubborn, and lazy. We had tried many traditional cat flaps with the hard plastic flap and Morris (our cat) refused to go through those flaps. I think the sound of the flap scared him. Your customer service team suggested we try a flexible plastic flap... I had always just assumed these were less insulating, but I assumed wrong. We've had this installed for weeks now and it is 100 times better than any of the others we had tried. Morris and family would like to thank you!
Nell, Tom, the kids and Morris, Livermore CA

This has been a really good solution for the hole that was left in are wall from our old dog door. I swear the thing was built 1000 BC....because we could not find anything to fit the hole. My wife stumbled upon your site and what we found was a miracle. We have now received and installed this door and believe me when I say that you have a customer for life. I would never want to go with another dog door. This thing is just so sturdy and insulates to the point were you cannot even feel a breeze....I applaud your craftsmanship.
Ralph, Pensacola FL

We have several out building on our property that our dogs like to hang out in. The dogs pushed their way into one of the building and kinda wrecked the wall in the process so we opted to fix the building and put in a pet door. In the process, we decided to fix the structure and put in some insulation to keep it relatively warm during the winter. This Ruff Weather is perfect. It is very rugged and stands up to the beating that our dogs deal out. The two-flap thing is great too. When they are all in there, it stays pretty toasty.
Ken, Sioux Falls

Thank you for the extremely fast service! I ordered the pet door last Tuesday and received it on Thursday via ground transportation. In addition to receiving it so quickly, I love the pet door-size, color, the way it looks - everything. And, to top that off, we installed it on Friday afternoon, and my two-year old cat was using it by the next day! He loves his new-found freedom! Also, your customer service representatives were extremely helpful in assisting me in my decision as to what size door to get; and your prices and shipping rates were the most reasonable. Again, thanks so much! I wish everything I ordered from the Internet was this easy!
C.W. Signal Hill CA

We LOVE the Solo Pet Doors. We are currently building a new home and we are ordering our third Solo Pet Door. It is extremely reliable, quiet and the dogs love it! It is the primary feature that sold our last house!! The buyers insisted that the pet door stay or there was no deal. Thanks Moore Pets for your great product and your wonderful customer service!!!
Joanie, Colchester CT

Our dogs are super hyperactive and they love to run around our backyard and take a flying leap into our pool. I am always worried that one of them is going go for a swim and not be able to get back out. The Skamper Ramp is the perfect solution for me. My dogs could care less about how they get out of the pool, but it has definitely put my mind at ease.
Margaret, Key Largo FL

My husband and i own and operate a mid-sized kennel and we had a lot of problems with flaps getting chewed or torn. We have guillotine style doors on the inside of the kennels, but the flaps are nice so that we don't get carried away by the bugs. We got a couple of these Pickwick doors and after about a week of using them, we called up and bought enough to replace all of our flap doors (even the ones that were in good shape yet). The Pickwick's have been working great for a while now and the best part is the dogs can't chew them up!!!
Nicole, Hartford CT

Just wanted to say thank you to the rep I spoke with for taking the time to talk me through this order and my choices. I am extremely pleased with the quality of this door as well as the color the rep suggested. She was right, it does look nice with my wall color! My mastiff, hank, uses the door like a champ. He says hello!
Matthew, Dallas TX

We own a turtle farm, very interesting career my husband and I have gotten ourselves into. We needed a very well insulated door to allow the turtles access into the barn, but no other companies offered a custom made door of this quality. The door is installed, the turtles use it by the hour and we couldn't be happier! We sent pictures so you could see for yourselves!
Brianna & Will, Tulsa OK

I was a little confused about how to measure for this pet door, but after I called in and spoke with one of the reps, it made sense. The whole square inch thing was getting me, but anyway, we got the pet door and it is working great. We removed a couple of our panes and the pet door fit right into the opening. I was kinda worried about the AC costs and having the pet door in. (It gets really hot here!) But you can't really even tell that the pet door is there. I'm really glad that i found you all.
Dave, San Francisco CA

We ordered about 30 of the Security Boss Kennel doors for our boarding kennel. So far, the doors have been working great. The staff was really helpful and i was able to get a shipping discount because i got so many doors. I have actually been talking to a contractor about building another facility in the neighboring town, and we are definitely going to get these doors again.
Bill W., TX

This has been a great addition to our home. The doggy door was easy to install and functions well. We never have to be awaken in the middle of the night to go potty. I am so glad we got a pet door from you. The customer service staff was knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. Thanks Moore Pet.
Michael, Vista CA

We looked all over the internet for a door that would be large enough for our 3 mastiffs. The Maxseal looked like a great door, but we weren't sure if the Behemoth would be big enough. we called and talked with one on the reps there and they recommended getting a custom size. It was the perfect solution. The dogs love the door and took to it as if they grew up using a pet door.
Richard S.

We ordered our French door MaxSeal a while back and now have it installed. Just letting you all know I'm very pleased...and I'm a picky guy. I was about to get rid of my French door, and then i saw these. You were right, i don't feel air coming in from the outside...glad i listened to the rep i got on the phone.
Phillip Buffalo NY

I called your toll free number because I had seen a "top of the line" pet door about 3 months ago that I really liked, and now it's gone. I was advised by your company that you no longer carry that brand, but now have the MaxSeal, which was said to be even better. After making sure I could return this if I wasn't pleased, I ordered it, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Moorepet!
Shelby, Minneapolis MN

We just recently remodeled our kennel and expanded it by about 30 kennels. We have been looking for some guillotine panels with a decent amount of insulation because the kennel isn't always full and it is nice to seal off the stalls that aren't in use. We came across the Security Boss Insulated Kennel doors several months ago and have been using them with much success. Thanks for a great door.
Nancy, Vicksburg MI

We were very relieved to see a product out there that caters to the customer's needs. We already had an existing cut in our wall from an old pet door and felt that the sizing was perfect, the location was handy, but the quality of the old door was poor. How nice to be able to have a door custom fitted for our circumstances! The Max Seal is amazing quality and the whole family, including the dogs, love the door.
Mitch, Scranton OH
Received my order within a week and set up took less than 15 minutes. Should have purchased this door years ago. Thank you for the excellent customer service- speedy delivery and quality product. Will shop here again.
Ed, Lindenwold, NJ