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Basic Pet Bed Designs

There are different types of pet beds to go in correlation in which way a dog sleeps and their size. It's very similar to if you were buying a bed for yourself. There are three basic pet bed design types to meet the need of your pet.

Support Beds

If you have an older pet with joint problems a bed with support could very well help them live a more happy life. Many of these support beds feature orthopedic filling which help with support and joint problems. If you notice that your pet over the years lies down more and more then this is usually a good option for this type of behavior. The support lessens the tension and stress on joints making them more relaxed. Dogs in need of support usually will sleep on their sides and belly with their legs out or tucked in.

Nestling Beds

Pets that like to curl up in the corner of a couch might prefer a nestling pet bed. Some dogs prefer this type of pillow-bed because it offers the comfort of protection. It's the same type of feeling when you go to sleep you and need a cover or sheet over you to fall asleep. It brings the feeling of warmth and protection over the dog to make them more comfortable.

Lounging Beds

If you ever see your dog sleep on their back, a lounging pet bed might be perfect for them. These beds usually will cover a wider area allowing the dog to sprawl out versus curl up or nestle. These beds offer soft support usually and come in round or square designs for easy sprawling. This is usually typical for younger dogs most of the time.

Selecting a Pet Bed

There is nothing wrong with having your pet sleep with you on your bed or on the couch, but every pet should have their own bed for its own use. There is a wide variety of products that will accommodate any pet, large or small.

Choosing the correct pet bed will depend on a few things. A few things to consider are the size of the pet, how they sleep and any health considerations to take into account. If your pet or dog typically likes to curl up into a ball a circular or donut shaped bed usually accommodates this well. If your pet likes to sprawl out a long or rectangular pet bed is a good choice for this as well. If your dog has special health considerations such as allegories, key fabrics would be needed to combat this problem. Also machine-washable beds are a great help to this as well as materials that are hypoallergenic. Also some pets have mobility issues and weak joints as they get older. In this case orthopedic pets are a great help for this. Also in some rare cases you might have problems with your dog having accidents in the middle of the night because they are too old to get up and let you know they need to go out. Some pet beds offer a system that helps combat the mess of bed-wetting.

Getting a pet bed will allow your pet to have more freedom and be more independent with its lifestyle. Also they can help keep your pet healthy and comfortable as they grow older. If you're ever stuck between sizes its always better to get the larger size to make sure your pet has enough room and is comfortable. You might be surprised how well your pet will take to their new bed once their comfortable with it.

Why Get a Pet Bed?

"Why get a pet bed? My dog or cat does perfectly fine with the sofa". The biggest advantage of getting a pet bed in regards to the owner is the bed will help contain pet hair and danger in one general area. If you don't have a pet bed your dog or cat's hair might be all over the home. This might lead to certain people or children having allergic reactions to the pet because their dander and hair isn't contained to one specific area. Also some beds will help with the overall quality of life of your pet.

Consider your pets sleeping habits and needs. Does your pet like to burrow or nest? Then look for a bed that so soft with a pillow-type feature. Does your cat or dog like to rest their head on the arm of a sofa? Then looking for a bed with a arm or side will help make them comfortable. If you have older pets joint pain can be a concern for pet owners. A couple things you'll want to make sure of is that the bed is big enough for your pet. If it's too small then there is no point having it. Secondly invest in high quality materials. Orthopedic foam is great for older pets that would otherwise have discomfort lying on a couch of just the hard floor.

Consider the type of pet you have as well. If you dog is majority of the time, it's a safe assumption that you should get a outdoor bed as well. Outdoor beds will be resistant to mold, fungus and other outdoor hazards to help keep your pet safe. Also choosing the right fabric is essential as well. A bed with a washable cover is always recommended and ones that are tough are a great option for those "nesters" or "droolers".

Some beds also have special features such as electronic heating. This is the ultimate comfort for dogs with sore joints or simply to keep them warm during the cold days. There is a variety of options to choose from and picking the right one for your pet will make them and you happy in the end. Also remember that a pet bed isn't a luxury for them, it's a useful tool to help them live a long healthy life.

Dog Bed Benefits

A lot of dog owners consider their pet as part of their family. And justly so. A dog bed is a great way to show your pet that you love them. You wouldn't ask members of your family to sleep no the cold hard floor would you? Pet beds offer several good benefits whether they are physical or psychological for your pet. But in turn certain benefits are passed onto you.

A dog bed is similar to a crate or kennel in that it offers a form of retreat for the dog. Like people dogs are naturally social. They want to be nothing more than a companion and dog, but also like people dogs sometimes want to be left alone and not require attention but instead peace and quiet. This gives them time to relax, perhaps play with a new toy or just simply nap like you would on the couch.

Some dog have special needs. Especially those that are large, elderly or both. Typically as large breeds get older they will often times develop joint pain. Typically any dog over 50 pounds is considered large. Over long periods of time if a dog is that big or larger the amount of pressure on their joints and points from laying on hard surfaces will effect their health. With small dogs they will usually develop these pains with constantly having to jump from a large bed or sofa to floor. Orthopedic beds are available to help relieve this pain and as well self-heating thermal cushions.

A dog bed also helps with keeping your home clean. If you have a dog that sheds, you know how annoying it is to clean up after it. And if your dog like to lay in numerous places it's even more of a problem.. A dog bed centralizes this shedding to one area to help keep your home free of dander and dog hair. Most dog beds offer easily removable covers or slips that can be even machine-washed. The dog bed gives them a place to scratch, shed, scrape and slobber as much as they want. In the end while the dog bed won't obviously eliminate all dirt, it sure does make cleaning the sofa much easier.