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Widest Selection of Pet Gates

Custom Dog Gates

Not all spaces are made the same. Some are wider than others or have irregular shapes, lacking places where you can mount a barrier. That?s when you need a custom size, or to reinforce training.

Custom gates mount even without a place to apply pressure or a fixture. Extensions can lengthen them in the case of larger spaces, up to fifteen feet. You can even adjust several models to become temporary pens for your dog.

Pressure Mounted Gates

Pressure Mounted pet gates are designed to wedge with pressure between two surfaces. Most models are designed so that there are no residual marks or marring on walls etc. Pressure mounted gates can be very sturdy and secure.

The major factor for this comes into play based on what the gate itself is made of; plastic, wood or metal. Pressure mounted gates are very easy to install and easy to take down and place in alternative locations making them a favorite choice among pet owners.

Outdoor Dog Gates

Outdoor dog gates will assist greatly when you have designed areas in your yard and land where canines may interfere. This can include gardens, property lines with the neighbors, and heavy machinery. The right gate can save a dog?s life and reduce moral hazard.

These gates are also designed to be durable and weatherproof in the case of rain and snow. They will last a long time and you can leave them outside for the long-term. In addition, the freestanding ones are portable and you can adjust them as you see fit.

Hardware Mounted Gates

Hardware Mounted Pet Gates are models that require the use of included hardware to mount or fix the gate. They can go on any permanent surface or post. These gates are favored by customers who have a set location that a pet gate is required.

As in pressure-mounted gates, hardware-mounted gates vary in the strength and security based on whether they are made of plastic, wood or metal. In both scenarios; metal and wood gates offer more permanent or secure options.

Stairway Pet Gates

Stairway Gates are uniquely designed for staircases and stairways. These gate models are designed so that they open only in one direction. This is important as you would not want a dog gate door to open over the stairs; that would create a safety hazard.

This type of gate prevents the hazard. How? A gate would only open away from the stairway or staircase. Often you will find that gates have included hardware that can be attached to the swing hinge. This creates the desired direction of opening the gate door.

Freestanding Pet Gates

Freestanding gates require no fixtures or pressure mounts to stand still and keep a dog from entering a space. They?re also portable so in the case that you have to take the gate with you on vacation or to a new living space, you can take advantage of the convenience. Easy assembly provides the final touch.

You can also turn them into dog pens in the case of untrained or misbehaving dogs to enclose them in one case. Disconnect panels and reconnect them to customize the size, as we discussed above. Choose from hardwood or plastic to reinforce your gate.

Safety Gates With A Dog Door

Safety Gates or JPMA Certified Gates are models that have met specifications for safety and can be used with babies, toddlers or infants. You can get models with dog doors out to let the canines out and keep children within a space. While some gates work great for pets and other animals, they may not be suitable for children. If you have a young child and a pet, be sure to select a product that meets the safety certifications.

This is not a guarantee against any possible negative situation. It is important for parents and guardians of children to understand that any product, whether certified as a safety product or not, is not left unattended or unsupervised. Moore Pet Supplies offers Safety Certified gates based on the information provided to us by the individual manufacturers. We do not certify or make any claim that one product over another is more or less safe in regard to young children.

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Moore Pet Supplies believes that the right tool for your dog, cat or other pet will help contribute to a healthy, safe and wholesome household. That is why we stock gates and other supplies to increase your pet?s life quality.
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