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PetSafe Cat Windoor

Window Pet Door

PetSafe Cat Windoor - Exterior ViewPetSafe Cat Windoor - Interior ViewPetSafe Cat Windoor - landing platform

This Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer

The PetSafe Cat Windoor features a lockable cat flap installed in framed, clear Plexiglas.  Both ends of the unit slide-adjust to fit window widths between 24.5" to 34".  The unit also has an interior landing platform for your cat, which is nice especially if the window this is being installed has no sill. (Note: there is no landing platform on the exterior side).

The 4-way locking cat flap allow you four positions to control the access of your cat
1.  Free to go in or out.
2.  Locked coming in
3.  Locked going out
4.  Locked in both directions

The Locking Cat Flap has an opening of 7"w x 8" h;  allowing for even the most generous sized cat to use.  Toy breed dogs can also enjoy this insert as long as your dog is comfortable with the pet opening size.

Note: The Cat Windoor must be securely mounted to the window to prevent injury, holes must be drilled for the window brackets and sliding panels into the window sash.

PetSafe Cat Windoor
Window Pet Door

Authorized PetSafe Retailer

This window unit will adjust to window widths from 24.5" to 34" wide

Flap Size
Flap Type
Ranges of Adjustment
(In Inches)
Cat Windoor

7 x 8"
Solid-Rigid Flap
with magnetic closure

(Designed for cats
and toy breed dogs)

24.5 - 34"