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PetSafe Economy Pet Doors

The PetSafe Economy Pet Door used the same 2-piece flap as the PetSafe Ultimate Pet Door. The framing is plastic and does have a self-framing tunnel.

  • Fits doors 1/4 " to any thickness (No "self-framing" tunnel on dog door)
  • Can be used on very thin doors such as metal storm doors
  • Closing panel is made of fiberboard, does not lock
  • Closing panel can be used on the interior or exterior of the pet door.
  • Door has translucent-tinted flexible vinyl flap - uses the same flap as the Petsafe/Ultimate pet door.
  • Door is NOT self-framing, but does come with a TRIM FLANGES to cover the cut through door.
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Available in white and brown
  • 10 year warranty
Economy Doors

The PetSafe Economy is a plastic-framed door that uses the same flap as the PetSafe Ultimate Pet Door (2-piece flap) The Locking panel is made of fiber-board.

Fits doors 1/4" and up in thickness

The PetSafe Economy doors & flaps are no longer made or available by PetSafe

Replacement Flaps