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PetSafe Patio Pet Doors

Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Single pane glass / Single flap units
[photo] PetSafe Patio Pet Doors[image] PetSafe Authorized Retailer

PetSafe Patio Inserts are single pane glass / single flap units. They are made with heavy duty aluminum construction and a unique self-adjusting design for an easy installation with no cutting required. These patio inserts are designed to be mounted permanently in your slider opening. This means that optimally, you will want to screw the insert to the track at the bottom and top of your opening. (Hardware - screws are not included). The panel can be installed in either the left or right side (A reversible locking mechanism is provided for this).

[photo] How to Measure for a Patio Pet Door A soft transparent single flap for maximum energy efficiency; the ULTRASEAL all weather, energy conserving flap system reduces energy loss in winter and summer. Multiple ceramic magnets ensures flap always closes completely behind your pet. Flaps are replaceable and Moore Pet always keeps these in stock for same day shipping. A slide in locking panel is included with the unit.

There are two adjustable height ranges available with the PetSafe panels; 76 3/4" to 81" for regular patio doors and 93" to 96" for tall patio doors. We realize that many sliding door opening heights measure outside of these ranges, for some reason PetSafe has decided only to offer this product in limited heights. The panel itself is very well constructed with durable aluminum framing that houses a non-shattering safety glass panel.

Note: The small pet opening is not available in the tall panel height - once again, no explanation from PetSafe).

Patio Pet Doors

Color Choices: White - Bronze - Satin (Aluminum)
Tall Inserts available only in white
For Pets
Flap Size
W x H
Rise Options
Height Range

(76 3/4" - 81")

Height Range

(93" - 96")

up to 12lbs.
5 x 7"

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No Longer
up to 40lbs.
8 x 11"

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No Longer

up to 80lbs.
10 x 15
5" & 9"

No Longer

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Make sure to take into account the stature (height & width) of your pet
when selecting the pet opening size and accompanying step over rise.

These Patio Inserts are an IN-STOCK item and ship immediately

Replacement Flaps

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