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Basic Information about Pet Stairs, Ramps and Pet Steps

If you plan to keep a dog for their lifespan a pet ramp is almost a necessity in most cases. As large breed dogs get older they can't simply jump up into cars or on beds because of normal mobility issues. Also if you own a small breed dog that's built lower to the ground a ramp is needed for them in the same situations as well. A dog ramp or step will simply make life more comfortable for your dog and ultimately you in the end.

Some key things to take into account when purchasing a dog ramp is the size, the use for it and ease of use. There's a wide variety of pet ramps and steps out there that offer different features and styles. Some are wedge, leaning, heavy duty, vehicular, water, steps/stairs and platform ramps. Some ramps will feature different sizes in a particular ramp or step which will allow you to accommodate a pet of any size. Some ramps can even fold up or out into stairs which in some cases is easier for some dogs to use versus a regular ramp. They also generally date up less space because you don't need to span them out as far as a ramp.

Some features to take into account when purchasing a ramp are is it easy clean? Is it durable? Does it come with a warranty? Is it stable and provide good traction? An important feature of a ramp is traction and stability. If it's too unstable the dog might not even want to use it. And if they slip on the ramp if it's wet they definitely won't use it. Make sure your ramp has traction and stability upon purchasing. For larger breed dogs you also want to make sure it's durable. Ramps are generally pretty durable for the most part, but you will want to take this into consideration when having a giant breed dog that's going to test the ramp to its limits.

There is a lot to choose from out there in regards to ramp. If there was a perfect dog to choose it would be strong, stable, have traction, lightweight, easy to use and store. In the end this is a great long-term purchase for you in your pet and will promote them being active as they get older because it helps solve the mobility issue they might have.
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