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Rustic Cat Trees

Rustic Cat Trees

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Rustic Cat Tree Basic Information

Rustic Cat Trees are premium cat trees that combine craftsmanship with "Rustic Design" to bring you some of the most unique looking cat trees. Each feline creation is custom made upon order to ensure quality and originality. Trees will have there own unique appearance with no two models ever looking the same. Build time for these items runs 1-3 weeks depending on order demand. Some items can ship via UPS while the larger trees will be sent by freight.
Rustic Cat Trees are determined by quality of these following key points:

Unique Construction:

Materials in rustic cat trees take some materials from the contemporary trees, but also incorporate some more natural details as well. Usually hand-picked trees are used for the posts in these models. For this reason the look of each unit is unique and will vary slightly depending on the natural tree branch components selected. This means that each cat tree is truly a unique piece that only you have. This is major component in its rustic feel.


Many rustic trees have a high number of platforms and cradles which is great for multiple cat use. In some cases each platform is a different size than the other. Many of them have the same carpet quality as a regular cat tree with different color options, styles and materials.

Size and Assembly:

Because of the size of these giants usually the construction is a lot more sturdy and strong compared to your run-of-the-mill units. Glue and staples possibly might be used, but they are of higher quality and usually will last you a lot longer. Also while any other tree types can be assembled and dissembled, the rustic trees are close to completely put together if not fully together to give it more strength and stability. These units are made to last.

Base of Unit:

Almost all units because of the size will have a sturdy base. Bases are usually covered in the same material the cradles or platforms are as well.
Because of the size of the units usually freight delivery is required. Freight costs are always changing and you will have to call into us to get accurate pricing so we can quote you the exact charges.