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Staywell Cat Flaps FAQ's

Q My cat seems to be having difficulty opening the flap and I am concerned that she will not like using the door if this continues. Have you a solution?
A Yes. Sometimes the flaps are a bit stiff when new. This usually disappears when the product has been used a few times. You can, however, simply open and close it by hand a few times and the problem should be resolved. If this does not work then the problem could be of a different nature.

Sometimes in transit, during fitting or with extensive use, the internal hinge clips can work loose and cause a closing problem or even the door coming loose from the hinges. No need to worry, simply open the unit and either squeeze the springs to regain tension or push the door back into its hinges. 

Q The door swings freely but does not appear to want to stay in the closed position. Can you tell me what is wrong and how to fix it?
A Yes. This could be caused by the magnets in the flap and the door repelling rather than attracting one another. If this is the case simply remove the flap magnet seal around the flap and fit it the other way round. Your problem should now be solved.

Q The flap is loose and swings in the breeze. The 4-way lock is not working. Can you help me fix it?
A Yes. It seems likely that the flap seal magnet has fallen off or is missing and as a result the door cannot work properly. Under our warranty terms and conditions this can be replaced or outside warranty, a spare part can be purchased.

Q The flap has dropped and will not push open, it seems to have come loose. Can you tell me what has happened?
A Yes. It suggests that the hinge springs are damaged or that the flap has come off them. See above for information on adjusting hinge springs. 

Q The new Staywell cat flap will not fit an existing hole in the door. Is there something that I can do?
A Yes. Where the existing hole is smaller than that required to install the new Staywell cat flap, simply increase the cut size to that recommended in the manufacturer's fitting instructions. Where the existing hole is larger than that recommended, it is worth seeing if it is still capable of being installed. Staywell cat flaps are designed to allow a degree of tolerance in cut out dimensions to allow DIY installations. Should
the hole be much larger, then you might wish to consider other flaps from the Staywell range which require larger cut outs (our Consumer Service team will be happy to assist). The final alternative is to consider replacing the panel in your door and making a new cut out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Q Is it easy to fit replacement parts?
A Yes. Simply remove the blanking plugs on the outside of the door. Unscrew the screws and the frame should now come away from your door. On the inner section at the top you will see two screws which should be removed to allow access to the inside. All internal parts are then exposed and can be easily replaced and the unit screwed back together again.