Insulated Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats

Most Highly Recommended Doors for Cold or Hot Weather

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Insulated pet doors provide protection from temperatures and weather in both hot and cold conditions. These doors also tend to be of better quality than other single flap version-utility doors. You will notice that the common feature of these doors is the dual flap design of the flaps. Flexible, dual flap doors are the easiest for pets to use. We often hear from customers that their pets resist using rigid flap doors. This is due mainly to two reasons; First, the feeling of the flap is uncomfortable on their back as they use the door, Secondly, as pets get used to pet doors they tend to run through the door, rigid flaps are hard and irritating to pets that try to exit the door quickly. This is why you see more models using a soft flexible vinyl than any other design.

The doors shown below are proven performers for customers who are energy conscious and require better sealing pet doors. A short description is provided for comparison, clicking the "Info & Pricing" button will provide more details regarding the model as well as ordering information.

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